Monday, October 19, 2009

why I love Unimart

I love Unimart! Two reasons. 1) It's really close to my condo, and 2) because of the tiangge. Oh and the third reason, because it has always maintained it's lower prices compared to other groceries.

I love that there's Tender Bites where one can get the nicest pork and beef sukiyaki. They're really tender! So if Monterey runs out of good meat, Tender Bites is the next best thing.

Unimart is well-lit. The aisles, except for where the toilet paper shelves are, are wide, good enough for 2 big carts to move side by side.

For its completeness, it really is worth going to! Oh and they accept EPS, which for me is a great relief.

Hmmm, that makes me think of going to Unimart tomorrow...

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