Monday, October 19, 2009

my Cubao experience

When my husband and I moved to our condo unit, we had to purchase a lot of stuff especially for the kitchen. I still remember how tight our budget was but was forced to get all the necessary items.

As our place is closest to Shopwise Araneta, that's where we do our grocery shopping. Since I am a fan of rewards, I immediately applied for the Shopwise Wise Card. We had it for free! How can we not get it for free, we purchased a total of P7k. Which, I think, was a lot considering it was just my husband and I who we bought the stuff for.

Since then, Shopwise has become our destination for grocery shopping.

Farmers Market, on the other hand, is my husband's favorite place to get our fresh meat and seafood from. Veggies are always fresh. And the best of all, it's really cheap! Fruits are wonderful too!

I love living near the Cubao area. Traffic can get too heavy though. But overall, I find it worth going to.

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