Monday, October 19, 2009

what is not to like about Metro E. Rodriguez

For its convenience and accessibility, I go to Metro for little grocery-ing. I buy my other ingredients there if I happen to forget to include them in my regular shopping.

Parking isn't bad, but what is, you may ask. It's the staff! And it's really bad. Very impolite, unprofessional and inattentive. It seems that buying from them is a hassle and they do not want to be bothered. I hate to say this, but their being rude in most of my visits makes it unpleasant.

There was one time when I bought some meat (thank God they have Monterey!) when upon paying the cashier grabbed from my hand the bag of beef. I actually held it so as not touch the top of the counter, especially it had blood. They didn't even have those trays where one can put the meat. They'd rather that the juice from each bag of meat wet the counter. Eeeeeewwwwww! It's actually gross.

And the worst of all, they still have those irritating, annoying-sounded carts. I suggest that they change them.

Could be better if they:
1) train their staff how to deal with clients
2) improve the interiors --- the carts, the flooring, the racks, etc.
3) sell more fish
4) take out those plastic toys which do not sell well
5) move the rice section to the other side (other entrance) --- quite annoying to be waiting in line especially if staff just kept on chatting, oh and these 2 ladies also serve as baggage counter personnels, talking about multi-tasking

why I love Unimart

I love Unimart! Two reasons. 1) It's really close to my condo, and 2) because of the tiangge. Oh and the third reason, because it has always maintained it's lower prices compared to other groceries.

I love that there's Tender Bites where one can get the nicest pork and beef sukiyaki. They're really tender! So if Monterey runs out of good meat, Tender Bites is the next best thing.

Unimart is well-lit. The aisles, except for where the toilet paper shelves are, are wide, good enough for 2 big carts to move side by side.

For its completeness, it really is worth going to! Oh and they accept EPS, which for me is a great relief.

Hmmm, that makes me think of going to Unimart tomorrow...

my Cubao experience

When my husband and I moved to our condo unit, we had to purchase a lot of stuff especially for the kitchen. I still remember how tight our budget was but was forced to get all the necessary items.

As our place is closest to Shopwise Araneta, that's where we do our grocery shopping. Since I am a fan of rewards, I immediately applied for the Shopwise Wise Card. We had it for free! How can we not get it for free, we purchased a total of P7k. Which, I think, was a lot considering it was just my husband and I who we bought the stuff for.

Since then, Shopwise has become our destination for grocery shopping.

Farmers Market, on the other hand, is my husband's favorite place to get our fresh meat and seafood from. Veggies are always fresh. And the best of all, it's really cheap! Fruits are wonderful too!

I love living near the Cubao area. Traffic can get too heavy though. But overall, I find it worth going to.